The Annual General Meeting of the Estonian Relief Committee (ERC) was held at Taara Gardens, THIRLMERE on Sunday, 28 October, 2018. A sumary of the year is available here. The previous Board of Directors was re-elected for the 2019 year and at a subsequent Board Meeting, director positions were confirmed as follows:

Mart Rampe - Chairman
Dr Peeter Muttik - Deputy Chairman
Dr Juho Looveer - Secretary
Kaili Ford - Treasurer
Maie Barrow
Tony Moll
Ingrid Tartu
Hillar Raniko
Documentation associated with the 2018 Annual General Meeting are available for downloading from the following links: 
Minutes of Meeting 2017 AGM
Chairmans Report  
Financial Summary and Accountants Report

The minutes and associated documents associated with the AGM will be available on this site at a latter date.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank RSL Lifecare for the use of the community hall at Taara Gardens during the AGM.