The Annual General Meeting of the ERC was held at Taara Gardens, THIRLMERE on Sunday, 22 October, 2017. Two of our most hard working directors - Krista Ford and Lea Holm retired at the AGM. The Board, on behalf of the members wish to acknowledge their valuable contribution over many years.

The new Board of Directors is now composed of the following:

Mart Rampe - Chairman
Dr Peeter Muttik - Deputy Chairman
Dr Juho Loover - Secretary
Kaili Ford - Treasurer
Maie Barrow
Tony Moll
Ingrid Tartu
Hillar Raniko
The Chairmans Report and the Financial Summary for 2016-2017 which were presented at the AGM are found at the following links.

Chairmans Report  
2017 Financial Summary and Accountants Report

The new Board looks forward to the challenges of the 2017-2018 financial year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank RSL Lifecare for the use of the community hall at Taara Gardens during the AGM.