For the 2016 - 2017 financial year, funding has been provided to a number of organisations. A total of $16,300 was distributed to the organisations detailed below.  
1 Children's Estonian playgroup at Sydney Estonian House
The Children's Estonian playgroup at the Sydney Estonian House intends to hire a professional Estonian language teacher or an Estonian Early Childhood Teacher. The objective of the playgroup is to offer higher quality teaching and better comprehension of the Estonian language to the children and at the same time, promote interest in continuing to speak Estonian within the English language environment.
2 Brisbane Estonian Playschool
The Estonian Playschool began on the 23rd of November 2013 with the objective of preserving and promoting the Estonian culture and language to the younger generation in Brisbane. The main focus of the funding is to be able to employ a qualified Estonian teacher during the week and Saturday mornings on a part time basis. In addition, the funding will assist in the maintenance of the existing Estonian language curriculum as well as promote Estonian crafts and culture.
3 Sydney Estonian Parents and Friends Association "Sõrve So᷈brad"
The Australian/Estonian community has been running Sõrve Summer Camp for more than 60 years and has established a fun-filled environment that offers an opportunity for those within Australia who have Estonian connections to come together, enrich their culture and share stories within a completely secure and safe facility in an atmospheric bush and lake setting. Funding is aimed at enhancing music and language appreciation at the Sõrve Summer Camp for 2017. 

4 Australian Estonian newspaper "Meie Kodu"
The Australian Estonian Newspaper, "Meie Kodu", is a bi-weekly newspaper which is issued in print and electronic form to private subscribers across Australia and a few libraries, newspapers and private subscribers overseas. The newspaper carries news and articles from Australia and Estonia and in doing so satisfies a number of the objectives of the Estonian Relief Committee. Due to the relatively low number of subscribers in recent times, the organisation is seeking external financial support to remain viable. Funding has been providedfor the 2016-17 financial year.

5 Virmalised - Northern Lights Sydney Estonian Folk Dancers

Virmalised is a troupe of dancers that have performed Estonian dance for a very long time. 

6 Eesti Paevad - Adelaide 2016

Prize money has been allocated to the Art category for the upcoming Eesti Paevad in Adelaide at the end of this year.