The ECFA welcomes support from its members, friends and associates who wish to promote and further the objectives of the ECFA. In the past, we have had significant contributions from a number of individuals and their families and we are proud to honour them on our website as follows:

Altosaar, Liidia
Armolik, Hugo
Austla, Flora
Eltermaa, Adele
Grossberg, Aleksa
Grossberg, Peeter
Hallap, Emmi
Jõelaid, Marta
Kadak, Peter
Kaldma, Kristof
Kaldma, Monica
Karja-Nortots, Adele
Kool-Oleksyn, Taimo L
Kornfeldt, Elsie
McElbing, Ivo
Margus, Hilja
Metsand, Johannes
Mesila, Kalju
Mihkelson, Hans
Mitt, Hans
Näripä, Anu
Norrak, George
Nõgis, Madis
Olin, Rosalie E.
Pass, Irene
Peedo, Wilhelmine E.
Penn, Martin
Rammo, Liina
Riidma, Linda
Sarap, Oskar
Seeger, Lully
Sinivee, Alma
Tamman, Martin
Tarikas, Gustave
Tilk, Juhan
Toomingas, Erich
Treisalt, Emile
Tõnisson, Ludmilla
Vilas, Elvine
Villem, Karl
Virm, Johannes
Young, Carl
The ECFA is currently in the process of applying to be entered on the Australian Government's Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO). Should we be successful, it will enable donors to the ECFA to claim a tax deduction, hence potentially attracting further support for the ECFA objectives.